Eve is the VII Arcana.


Eve is a beautiful young girl with long blonde hair that is tied to twintails. She regularly wears cute lolita dress and carries an umbrella.


She loves sweets and stuffed toys. Despite her appearance, Eve is cruel and manipulating (she trick a boy into thinking she was an angel and that she could turn him into a demon since he worshipped Satan). She is very violent when it comes to Faust, as she has a deep grudge towards the King. She also doesn't like her dresses getting dirtied namely in blood.


Just as the other Arcanas, Eve was formerly an undertaker. She rebelled against Faust for sentencing her partner to prison (he allowed the evil spirit of his mother to be released since he couldn't find it in himself to let her go through judgement). She killed a lot of officers in her rebellion, causing her to be sent to Hell, and her actions were the reason why her partner committed suicide. She escaped with help from Roen, and became an Arcana in order to take her revenge on Faust. However, she received her funeral by Luka.

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