Hayato Sakura is an undertaker, and a contractor of Riddle. He is also the next King of the Catacombs and Faust's successor. As a King, he possesses the Twilight Key. It is revealed later in the series that Hayato Sakura is in fact the reincarnation of the former king of the Catacombs, Sigurd.

Etymology Edit

Hayato Sakura -

Hayato means falcon person.

Sakura means cherry.


Hayato has dark, short hair and dark eyes. His face is rather girlish looking which causes Roen refers to him as "the Young Lady" and Dante mistaken him as a girl and touched his chest when they first met.


He is noisy and a blabber-mouth. He is a very kind hearted person but is easily teased and offended. He loves sweets and cute things - candy and teddy bears. He is seen in Chapter 17 to might have been a bit jealous of Roen's connection to Riddle, and also about Roen knowing more about Riddle than he does. This may be seen as him wanting to be closer to Riddle but Riddle keeping his distance due to past experiences, notably with the previous King. He is somehow a tsundere, grows attached to Riddle but chooses not to show it. He wants Riddle to be by his side but shows and keeps on telling people he doesn't care. As Riddle said in Chapter 20, Hayato is a 'kind, young man who is faithful and honest to everyone.'


Hayato is a normal high school student. The only abnormal thing about him is that his soul attracts ghosts.

Riddle saved Hayato when a part of his soul was taken by an evil spirit on his seventeenth birthday. Hayato then became Riddle's contractor - by force.

Hayato also has a younger brother who is a studyholic and was attacked by an Arcana member named Noir.

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